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Sarah was dedicated to understanding the nature of my services and why I do what I do!  She's an adept and intuitive listener, creating copy that really spoke my language with enthusiasm, authenticity, and joy. I was ready for the next step for my copy and Sarah supported me every step of the way--and did it with such grace and humility.

- Anne Murphy, A Thousand Hands

I am completely blown away!  I have been looking for quite a while to find someone who can dive deep and to the heart of what moves me to do what I do.  Someone who truly sees me and understands the why behind my actions and my business and has the ability to distill this understanding into a clear and transformational business blueprint and story.  Sarah’s masterful approach is beyond amazing.  Not only was she able to meet me where I have been wanting to go, she joyfully guided me deeper, enlightening me to even better possibilities.  To say this was a fun and life-transforming experience would be an understatement!  And to top it off, through this process, I now consider Sarah a dear friend.

- Paul Linnebach, Mantis Design + Build

I just wanted to say thank you again for helping us with the fund-raising letter. Today I was at a conference and a guy came up to me who said that he got the letter and it deeply moved him to the point where he cried. I was taken aback and very happy to hear that. So thanks for helping us tell a better story!

- Deborah B., Iowa Farmers Union