• Sarah Hegland

How to Tell Great Stories in Challenging Times

Hi friends,

I hope you’re all adjusting to this different world we’ve found ourselves in. I know everyone’s experiencing things differently, so I just wanted to send some compassion and love to those who are struggling to find balance.

I’ve been wanting to share a couple of things that might be helpful to you in your storytelling during these times. The first is a handy guide to reading the newspapers, and the second is an inspiring dream I had the other night.

Your guide to reading newspapers

Let us remember that the media is not an objective reflection of reality. It can offer helpful information, but it’s important to notice the underlying emotions of the stories you read. What do you feel in your body when you read media stories? Do they make you feel anxious and fearful? Or are you left feeling courageous, empowered, and inspired?

Consider being discerning about what you’re taking into your mind and body these days. The media is flooding the airwaves with stories that portray people as powerless victims, but what if there are other stories? Have you noticed how many creative solutions have been coming forward during these times? How many stories of kindness and courage are unfolding? What if our human bodies are perfectly equipped with the tools to navigate through challenging circumstances?

Fear is not a necessary part of taking care of ourselves and each other during these times: compassion, clarity, and resourcefulness are far more useful. If an article is suggesting that you need to be anxious, it’s not serving your highest good. Nor is it telling the truth.

As a guide, feel free to add this asterisk to the end of every article:

*Persons in this story are more empowered and creative than they are made to appear.

What is true wealth?

The other night I dreamed I was helping a man with his business, and he was showing me a graph showing how his profits went from 300 million down to 250 million. I was understanding and empathetic, then colored in the graph to show that we were going to make up the profit difference in humanity, kindness and love.

I know what you’re thinking: What on earth could it mean? Just kidding. This one was unusually obvious, and it gave me a way to think about the changes in the economy these days.

One of my mystical teachers used to say, “Everything untrue must fall away.” One of the biggest untruths around is that money is synonymous with wealth. It’s time for that to fall away, and for humanity to begin cultivating true wealth in the form of human connection, kindness, and love.

What would our economy look like if it ran on true wealth? If helping each other was more important than profiting off of each other? If we honored the natural abundance of the earth? Let’s use this unusual time to cultivate our true wealth: our creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, honesty, and love.

May we move through these times with ease and grace.

May we recognize and nurture our deepest forms of wealth.

May we all tell great and powerful stories.