Jeff Walker


Jeff Walker surprised me.  On the surface, he looks like your average American marketing guru.  But he's actually got a lot of integrity, and teaches people how to build online businesses with honesty and honor.  Let's look at his webpage.


Standard design choices here: logo on the upper left, menu across the top, call-to-action in a different color on the upper right, primary message on the left and above-the-fold.  His primary message--'Build a business you love; live the life of your dreams'--helps the reader imagine a future self, doing what they love.  It's standard marketing practice to talk about the benefits of your product or service, instead of just the features.  He does that immediately here: he wants you to see the benefits first, those of loving and living, before he goes into the features.  

Walker places a lot of emphasis on building your email list and communicating with it regularly. In his view, lists are far more valuable than social media followers, because the community is more actively engaged.  You can see the importance he places on lists by the fact that he's placed the subscription option above-the-fold.  He offers a 'lead generator' in exchange for your email address.  His call-to-action on the upper right is also about subscribing. 

I've taught . . . .png

He's got some strong social proof here in the form of numbers and sales.  He's great at talking about the success of his students, and he does that a lot here.  It's easy to feel that his intentions encompass everyone's success: he finds great joy in helping other people succeed.  

Free ideas.png

Walker offers lots of high-quality, free content.  It feels generous, like this business really wants to offer their gifts and help other people.  It also builds trust--his teaching structure involves naming a problem and then offering a solution, and doing that over and over again.  He's presenting himself as a trustworthy teacher and guide to his community.  

He also does a lot of listening--asking questions of his community, inviting feedback, and encouraging people to leave comments--in order to ensure that he's creating products and services that people actually want.

Books, programs, and events.png

The revenue-generating part comes here, after he's already offered you a bunch of free content.  You don't feel any pressure here, but you get some good insight into the different parts of his business and how you could get involved if you wanted to.

Junk drawer.png

The junk drawer is at the bottom, with another chance to subscribe!  His social media channels are intended to feed into his email list.

Jeff Walker's got a lot of interesting things to say about sales and marketing with integrity.  Even if you're not interested in building an online business, he offers great insights into holistic marketing.