Stories communicate values. They teach us about ourselves, our communities, and our planet. They change who we are and how we live. 


What kinds of stories are we transmitting through our business transactions? Are they stories of kindness, resourcefulness, and connection? Or are they stories of fear, manipulation, and greed?


Wild and Mighty Stories is about being intentional about the stories we transmit. It's about speaking honestly and respectfully to people's hearts and minds, and finding ways to listen to their stories, too. It's about building relationships and trust as the foundation of healthy growth.

Trustworthy business stories are based on these principles:

  • All life is interconnected, and our relationships with others are the foundation of our work.

  • The purpose of business is to help people solve problems in constructive and valuable ways.

  • The purpose of marketing is to start healthy conversations by communicating your gifts, inviting dialogue, and inspiring action.  


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I’m the creator of Wild and Mighty Stories.  I spent ten years writing diplomatic reports for the United Nations in Afghanistan, Syria, and the Palestinian West Bank, completely fascinated by how communication works and what makes it effective.  I spent another seven years working odd jobs in the business world while learning how to heal my mind and body from post-traumatic stress and autoimmunity.  Somewhere along the way I realized how powerful and fun it would be to bring together the worlds of communication, business, and holistic healing.

I offer a powerful commitment to storytelling with integrity, the knowledge that truth is radiantly attractive, and a joyful love for helping people express themselves in ways that uplift, resonate, and heal.