The 7 Graces of Marketing


Lynn Serafinn's excellent book The 7 Graces of Marketing helped me clarify a lot of things I'd been noticing about marketing.  She points out the '7 deadly sins' (not my favorite language) of traditional marketing--disconnection, persuasion, invasion, distraction, deception, scarcity, and competition--and contrasts them with the '7 graces':

  • connection

  • inspiration

  • invitation

  • directness

  • transparency

  • abundance

  • collaboration


With so much understanding of holistic marketing principles, she's bound to have an interesting website.  "But, Sarah," you might say, "this website doesn't look very slick, and it isn't even updated anymore.  It's a dinosaur!"  I know, but there are some interesting things about it, anyway.

Homepage 7 Graces.png

The primary feature of her website is her blog.  Why is this a great option for holistic marketing?  It shows that her main intention is to help people solve their problems by offering valuable content. 

She receives and responds to comments on her posts, which shows that she's great at listening, and she invites you to subscribe to her blog by email, which is the start of relationship-building.  She offers a couple of free gifts in the menu. So right off, she's demonstrating clear intentions, problem-solving, listening, relationship-building, and generosity


Serafinn features the 'community' aspect of the 7 Graces at the top and in the menu, which offers social proof that others are also benefiting from this work, and invites the reader to imagine herself feeling connected to others.

The website is a little busy for my tastes, but I actually enjoy the quirkiness of it.  It's different from all the mass-manufactured website designs we see these days. There's a feeling of grounding and safety here.  As a reader, I feel comfortable that I'm not going to be manipulated or persuaded of anything--just solid problem-solving and helpful insights.